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Earth Affair DVDDVD - Earth Affair
The Nelson Mandela
Tromso 46664 Arctic

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Gulli Briem visits  The Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg

Gulli Briem visits
The Nelson Mandela Foundation
in Johannesburg

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46664 Ambassadors


"It’s our responsibility to maintain a steady, powerful flow of information to the world about HIV AIDS in Africa " 

(Gulli Briem / Earth Affair)

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Earth Affair - Chapter One
- A journey for the senses

A music project that unites cultures: EARTH AFFAIR combines the creative visions of musicians from many countries, builds bridges between a wealth of sounds and establishes surprising links to various styles that seem to have little to unite them.

With "Chapter One" you set off on a musical journey that leaves borders behind: from the cool fascination and pristine wilds of Iceland and Norway, across the craggy highlands of Scotland shrouded in mystical lore, on to the European metropolitan sprawls called Paris and London, then beyond to the Mediterranean and more distant influences of North Africa and India.

The Earth Affair debut album was written & produced by Gulli Briem, a founder member of the teenage funkgroup Mezzoforte, who had massive success in the mid-eighties with the album Surprise surprise and the top ten hit single "Garden party". In 2005 after days & months of intensive work, mostly in Shepherds Bush Starfield Studios, comes the first international release, the beautiful, tearjerking soulful world of Earth affair.

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